While our understanding of what it means to have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) continues to grow, many people with autism still have a hard time navigating their communities. As a result, some kids with ASD have a hard time in school, and might even reject the learning environment entirely because it doesn’t accommodate their needs.

There are organizations looking to change that. When kids with ASD in engage in STEAM concepts on their terms, they can discover a love of learning that stays with them for years. A love of STEAM can also encourage autistic children and teens to continue their education when they might have otherwise given up.

Check out these 20 organizations helping kids with ASD build an interest in STEAM concepts while growing their social skills.

The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire

On the first Sunday of every month during the school year, The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire hosts Exploring Our Way throughout the morning. The museum is closed until noon and only open to kids with ASD and their parents. This gives those children a safe place to explore in a less overwhelming environment. Parents can network and form support connections. The museum has special programs for the Exploring Our Way days with a view to promoting social skills and a love of STEAM.

Taking Autism to the Sky

Founded in 2012, Taking Autism to the Sky (TATTS) uses drones to create videos with and for kids with ASD. The organization was crowdfunded through Kickstarter and has continued to grow each year. Their 2018 summer programs were held in Madison, Wisconsin, and TATTS continues to work closely with the community to help others better understand what people with ASD see, while helping those with ASD gain perspective on new ways to view the world.

STEAM Achievers

The goal of STEAM Achievers is to bridge the learning gap in tech for students with diverse backgrounds. Along with trying to reach both boys and girls from various communities, STEAM Achievers designs tools, games, and events around tech-lovers with ASD. In April 2019, for Autism Awareness Month, the organization is hosting a hackathon for teens to develop video games that are ASD-friendly.

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April 2018